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How online learning is failing to fill China’s tech-skill gap

Online learning has become hugely popular in China in recent years. With gaps in the public system, the private sector has taken up the mantle of tech education, offering a growing range of choices from both Chinese and foreign players. 

China’s market for online learning, which includes MOOCs, is expected to be worth over RMB 540 billion by 2022, according to consulting firm iResearch—more than triple the market size in 2016.


Things get lost in translation

Of course, you can hire a group of translators to help you translate your online education content to Chinese, but, without knowing the language yourself, how can you check the quality? How do you know if your professional knowledge is getting the best translation?

What you need is not a translator, but a business partner who understands the language and is able to accurately assess the content quality to ensure your materials are translated correctly.

It can be difficult to choose the best platform

Traveling abroad is always difficult. To avoid getting lost, you need a local who knows the area and can help you navigate your way. The same is true when you’re in a totally new area online.

Online education platforms generally have good traffic, which is why they’re where most people turn. But how well can you really know an online platform? Can you figure out what kind of their audiences are composed of? Can you contact their operation people to help you promote your courses? It’s really hard for a foreigner to do all of this himself without a local navigator like Transvidio.

Instructors don’t know how to better serve their Chinese audience

Knowing what does and doesn’t work for your audience is key to your success as an online educator. You want to hear from your Chinese audiences, their feedbacks, their questions. Maybe you already have a TA for your online business, but he or she cannot speak Chinese too. That’s why having a partner like Transvidio who knows the language and can communicate the needs of your audience to you directly is so important. 

People are hesitant to jump into Chinese online education

This is the best time to get into online education in China. Thanks to the biggest e-commerce market worldwide, China has evolved from a country full of pirated content to a nation where people are willing to pay for online knowledge. The Chinese population has been able to pay for and access online education for the last 2–3 years. 

At this moment, your content is in demand in China. Don’t hesitate. Seize the opportunity!

for all online educators

Earn a passive income from another enormous market with little effort and no upfront fee.


High-quality content translation

We do accurate and clear translations for speaking, on-screen text, documents, quizzes, instructor profiles, and anything else related to your online course. 

Course quality is our core competency in China. In fact, we care about your content quality as much as you and those who will pay for them. That’s why we ensure every translation is high-quality so your message gets across.

Professional course distribution and management

There are so many education platforms in China to choose from. Some have better traffic than others. The same is true for social media influencers. 

You don’t need to learn an entirely new market to promote your online education content. We will spend our time and money marketing your courses in the places with the most opportunities out of our 50+ marketing partners.

No upfront fee! We do a profit-sharing model instead

You don’t need to pay us anything upfront. We make money through a profit-sharing model in which we share the profit with you as an even 50-50 split. Once we sign the course authorization agreement online, as your Chinese partner, we will start putting our own money on your content translation and promotion.

All you need to do is share your course content with us via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Detailed monthly report and recurring on-time payment

We support both PayPal and wire transfers. Whatever your currency is, we will send your money on time every month.

Since we do multi-channel distribution, it isn’t easy to gather all the detailed transactions onto one report. Yet we found a way to do so for full transparency. We know trust is gold and we will never cheat you out of the money you have earned.

Earn an effortless passive income so you can keep your focus on creating

Share your course files with us, then just wait. We are not another “common channel.” Instead, we are your Chinese market partner! We won’t interrupt you unless it is really necessary.

However, don’t forget us if you ever create a new course! 


Philip Ebiner


Martin Perhiniak


Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Web Developer

Ravinder Deol

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert

Pablo Stanley

UX Expert

Martin Svensson

Music Production Expert

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dog Training Expert

Kurt Russell

Comic Book Artist

Ozgur Gorgun

Certified Maxon Trainer

Joeel & Natalie Rivera

Life Coach Trainers

Reserved for you

What are you good at?

Reserved for you

What are you good at?


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365 Days of Creativity
on CCTalk
Photography Masterclass 2.0
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Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide
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We are trying to bridge the gap between Chinese students and top-class online instructors all over the world.

Yes, of course. But it’s really really hard. First, you should have a Chinese ID and a local mobile phone number, not to mention a local bank account. Second, you need to hire a group of translators to translate your courses. Third, you’ll have to understand Chinese marketing, which is the biggest problem online educators face.  If you just publish your course on to some random platforms, it won’t sell a lot. China’s e-market is quite different from that of Western countries, which is why it’s such a challenge for Western educators to succeed in China’s online education market.

Our agreement is very simple. It’s a non-exclusive, non-transferable agreement. We will show it to our Chinese partners to prove we are legitimate in order to publish your courses. Since it’s non-transferrable, we will ask for your written permission every time we are going to publish your course to a new platform.

It will be calculated as: ¥99 * 1000 * 60% * 50% * (1 – 10%) / 6.90 = $3873.91
60%: Our share between us and the platform, which varies from 50% – 99%
50%: Your share between you and Transvidio
10%: Tax rate
6.90: Currency exchange rate between CNY and USD. Because the exchange rate always fluctuates, this number can vary.

It depends, but you should expect to see your first payment within six months of submitting your course information to us.

After you shared courses with us, it will take anywhere from 3–6 months for us to send your first payment. We will spend months translating your course before publishing it. After we publish your courses online, we will wait three months to send you the first payment, since some platforms only pay us every three months.

Sure. As you know, platforms usually have high traffic. We sell our courses on them, so it’s common for them to take a part of the revenue from us.

To most platforms, Transvidio (we use our local brand and name ‘译学馆’ in China) is a course provider who constantly introduces high-quality foreign courses to them. Working with us is good for them to attract more users. So, as their important partner, our courses have more weight than courses submitted by individuals, as long as we maintain the quality of our courses. It’s a win-win situation!

It’s all in our monthly report! In addition to showing you where your courses have been published, our monthly report will provide you with all of the information you need to monitor your courses in one place.

No, you don’t have to. We will arrange a local TA for you to answer their questions while learning.

However, if you want to interact with your Chinese students, you can definitely do so!

Yes, absolutely! If your YouTube videos are also high-quality, we will help you do this for free. This will definitely increase your course sales in China.

We do not help with the sale of digital products online.

Yes, it’s true. A lot of Chinese people don’t respect intellectual property. So, first, in order to avoid being pirated a lot, we should sell your courses at a relatively low price, e.g. under ¥199($28). Second, if your course does get pirated, we will try our best to find the piracy source and sue them.

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your agreement and close your courses! However, we can do this, of course. It will just take some time.

Once you let us know that you want to cancel, we will notify all the platforms where we published your courses to ask them to take the courses off. All the students who have paid for them and are still enrolled will still be able to access them and learn on the platform. There will be no new enrollments after this action.

Great question! From our point of view, they are mostly weak. Most online instructors don’t even know how to record high-quality videos. They will pay more attention to the introduction page design instead of the course itself.

However, they are locals, and they know what their customers really need. They can also be more interactive with their students when they want to be.


Lucas Wang


Bin Wang

Course TEAM

Jason Jia

sales TEAM

Iris Huang

translator TEAM

Charlie Shen

developer TEAM

Yufei Gao

developer TEAM


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